Is Paul dead? Conspiracy theories aren't.

all-seeing-eye-1698551__340This is a revised update of a 2016 post.

A conspiracy buff I'm not.

I know they have their titillation value—and I’ve indulged in a few in my distant past—but I now think they're a waste of people’s time and have contributed to Americans' overwrought distrust of institutions these days, especially in government and business. Not good in a dangerously fragile period in our history.

I can’t deny that some fraction of conspiracies may be true, but I can't listen to the Golden Oldies anymore. I don’t ASSUME that national elections in the US have fraudulent outcomes, that the Deep State & Big Pharma orchestrate pandemics, that most acts of terror are inside jobs, that a small cabal of "international bankers" (of a particular ethnicity) run the world, that global warming is a hoax (a deliberate deception, with conspiratorial actors), or that alien lizards have taken over the minds and bodies of our key leaders. (Ok, I'll keep an open mind on the last one, but I await the evidence.)