"The Beatles: Get Back"—an experience or memory?

It’s the holidays and once again I’m arguing with friends about the latest Beatles’ release! This time it’s about Peter Jackson’s sprawling but captivating miniseries, The Beatles: Get Back. It documents the Fab Fours’ creation of the Let It Be album, including the rooftop concert that would become their last.

For those of my generation The Fab Four seemed to dominate our Decembers, beginning in 1963 when “I Want to Hold Your Hand” jumped out of our transistor radios just before Christmas, signaling to young American teens that rock & roll was back! A year later the Beatles 65 album was released (in December 1964) and 12 months later Rubber Soul served notice that The Beatles were serious recording artists and songwriters. The week after Thanksgiving in 1967 we were presented with Magical Mystery Tour and a year later The White Album. Where I lived, snow dropped when a new Beatles’ record dropped.