My interview with Dave Clark Five songwriter, Ron Ryan—part two

Early Dave Clark Five — John Briggs collection
Here is the continuation of my conversation with Ron Ryan, which I began in my previous post. In Part One, we discussed his early involvement with Dave Clark and how he began writing songs for the band. In Part Two he expands on his claim that Clark went back on his word and failed to give Ryan credit or compensation for his songs. A lesson in protecting intellectual property!

Me: Initially Clark gave you his word that you would be given songwriting credit on the songs you wrote for The Dave Clark Five, yes? And later you say he reneged on it?

RR: We had an agreement that I would write the songs and give Dave 50% of them (which was his idea). I said at the time that it was a deal that not many songwriters would go ahead with, but as we were friends, and I am not a greedy man, I said OK. I thought that 50% of something was better than 100% of nothing. If you look at some early DC5 songs you will see they are credited to “Clark/Ryan” like “Sometimes” that Oliver Reed recorded. But when the band got famous Dave wanted to drop my name as his ego was growing by the day, and he said he wanted him and Mike Smith to be seen as the John Lennon and Paul McCartney of the DC5. I did not like the idea, as they were my songs!