My interview with Dave Clark Five songwriter, Ron Ryan—part one

The early Dave Clark Five — John Briggs collection
The Dave Clark Five, along with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, led the “British Invasion” of the ‘60s that transformed popular music in the US and beyond. Between 1964 and 1967 the band charted 17 Top 40 singles in the US, and toured incessantly and profitably. All the more remarkable given that no other self-managed, self-produced band achieved this level of achievement—before or since.

But the DC5 never sustained their breakthrough success. Clark broke up the band in 1970 and their music disappeared for nearly two decades. As the “owner” of the band, Clark withheld their music catalog for years. The band has also been dogged by its share of controversies. Some of them trivial, like the claim that not all the band members, including Clark himself, performed on their records. Some of them not so trivial, like the allegation that Clark didn’t write the songs he said he did, especially the hits written by his old friend, Ron Ryan.