The drug thing

drug-35728__340From time to time I hear political and religious leaders taking shots at the immorality of rock (or rap) music and the corrupting effect it must be having on our youth. So I've decided to update an earlier post on the subject.

I recently found myself in the position of defending the outlandish behavior of some rock acts, as if I were condoning it. (Sigh.)

But my point was not that substance abuse and related activities are success habits of highly effective people but that they are just as common in mainstream business—including the C-Suite—as in the world of rock & roll.

I don’t need to go into the details here of the cases of drug or alcohol abuse, sexual misconduct, or rampant adultery that I’ve encountered as a consultant in corporate America (though I’m tempted to, in order to boost readership). But if you think this is not a feature of the 21st century workplace—including, perhaps, YOUR company—you’re living in Disney World. (And it’s probably happening there too.)

Several years ago a video company was going to partner with me to promote my business-lessons-from-rock approach, but they backed out because they felt rock bands have "drug issues" and didn't want to be associated with it. My response: as opposed to whom? Business organizations? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Less than a month ago a Chipotle executive was indicted for involvement in a cocaine ring. (Not to be confused with an onion ring.) According to the findings of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, managers have the third highest rate of illicit drug use among all occupational groups.

But the real drug problem in society, in my humble opinion, is the abuse of over-the-counter drugs (especially opioids), even by "successful people"—that dwarfs any drug abuse I've witnessed in bands (even in the Seventies). But it’s SO easy to blame drug abuse—or any unseemly behavior—on the underclass, and on rock bands who often speak for them.

Another case of the over-the-counter culture condemning the under-the-counter culture.

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  1. Drugs?? Just go see your doctor now, complain of pain, and get a scrip for all those painkillers now!! Isn't it fun to grow old now? He he!!

  2. Where'd you go? You haven't missed a weekly post in 5 years!!

    That Chipotle marketing executive was supposedly stressed out by all the nasty publicity they received about E. coli. Good excuse!

    1. Thanks for noticing. Something came up. (Work.)

      Chipotle can't get a break these days. But with all the bad publicity, I go there more often now. No lines.

    1. Maybe. But how connected are MacDonald's or Burger King to their customers? Gotta chew on that one—along with my Salmonella salad.

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