Yet another Walk Off The Earth post

Ok, kids. It's Walk Off The Earth time.

Here's a recent clip of the Adele song, Hello, which WOTE performs in their effortlessly creative, DIY style. They're joined here by KRNFX, one of the world's great beatboxers. (Check out the end of the song to hear his best effects.)

What possesses this fan boy to keep honking Walk Off The Earth? Well, as long as they keep uploading the most innovative (and whimsical, wacky, and fun) music performance videos you'll see anywhere, I'll keep hyping them. As one YouTube commentator put it, it's as if they walk into a nursery and play whatever toys are lying around.

They also happen to be bursting at the seams with vocal talent, including that of the great Sarah Blackwood—a future superstar whom I've interviewed here. There's also Marshall, another singer with a voice to die for, whose lead vocal opens most of their songs. And then there's the diversified musical genius of Gianni Luminati, their multi-instrumentalist leader, producer, and creative spark plug. Their extended band, including roadies who join in on some stage numbers, are ALL impressive musicians,

Even the videos they make of just song lyrics are a cut above the rest. The following original tune—their best yet in my humble opinion—is from their Sing It All Away CD.

Whether we're talking about a mainstream business team or a rock band, in the Creative Economy it all starts and ends with innovation. The great ones know that.

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  1. great live band too ... in person they can do everything they record. nice folks too... no attitude.

    1. Yup. For years they came out after their nightclub shows to meet and hang with fans. (More difficult to do at bigger concerts.) That's how I got to talk to them. Accessibility to customers is a good thing for any business.

  2. I've watched at least 30 of their videos -- probably 20 in one sitting. They're all imaginatively done. The most creative rock band I've ever seen.

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