Feliz Navidad

Holidays aren’t the same without a Walk Off The Earth video, so here we go!

If you're new to this site, Walk Off The Earth is a Toronto band that achieved YouTube glory in the winter of 2012 with a live video of all five members playing one guitar. (See here). A national TV appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and a Sony recording contract quickly followed. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of videos, albums, and multiple tours of North America and Europe.

Here they are doing a holiday spoof of their original video. (I’ve seen them up close on many occasions perform a medley of songs on one guitar, so I'm here to tell you this ain't smoke and mirrors.)

I’ve posted on these guys at least 15 times (including here and here) because this band makes some of the most creative videos you'll ever see, seemingly without effort, many of them on low dough. What could be a better model for business teams of all stripes? Innovation on a tight budget.

You can watch their 44-minute Christmas video here, with a cameo by the one and only Jose Feliciano.

I feel compelled to issue my usual warning: watching WOTE videos can become seriously habit-forming.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday. And if peace is unattainable let me suggest—in the spirit of the times—total victory!

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  1. Love the hair. Even with the rental of the costumes, mustaches, and hair pieces this was an inexpensive shoot. Innovation on the cheap.

    1. They do spend a lot of time rehearsing for these shoots, but that's a different kind of expense. When they recorded their first one-guitar video four years ago (performing Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know") they said they spent a day rehearsing the parts. And it took 25 takes before they nailed it.

  2. I think this is lip synched, like all their videos. At 1:38 there's a riff that starts off too perfectly , and then continues without anyone playing it in the video.

    Maybe they can actually play these parts live on one guitar but not this precisely.

    1. On the internet the band has been accused by many for lip-synching to a tape, but I think they make it difficult to tell sometimes. Even on that riff, Anonymous, if you look closely, Sarah may be finishing on the A string the lick that Gianni started. It's brilliant how they've parceled out the guitar parts between Gianni, Sarah, and Marshall. (And watch how Taylor slaps a capo on the first fret, right after that riff, so they can modulate up one step.)

      But I admit it would be an amazing trick to pull this off so precisely live. Yet I would bet money on the fact that they could do an acceptable rendition of it on stage, even if not this perfectly.

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