Showing up

rockstarStreet singing on weekends continues to be a source of endless fascination for me. Boundless food for thought—and always a business lesson or two.

As I played Dylan’s “Just Like a Woman” last Sunday evening in the Public Gardens of Boston, two young girls who were walking by with their mother—perhaps ages 7 and 8—stopped and began slow dancing with each other in front of me! I doubt that they were paying attention to the words of the song, but I couldn’t miss the irony. These sisters, giggling all the way, were innocently waltzing to a tune about a grown woman who despite her adult ways (her “fog,” her “amphetamine,” and her “pearls”) can “break just like a little girl.” Being thoroughly entertained by the girls’ antics (I always consider my audience to be the real entertainers who are performing for me)—I extended the length of the song, and they just kept slow dancing. At the end they even contributed a dollar (from their mother). Not the primary demographic I’m trying to reach with my music, but…I’ll take it.