Flipping through some back pages

I came across an old YouTube clip featuring six of the biggest dent-makers in classic rock on the same stage at Madison Square Garden in October, 1992. The occasion was the 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration of Bob Dylan as a recording artist.

In this video Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, and George Harrison in consecutive order sing lead vocal on Dylan’s iconic “My Back Pages”—which Dylan wrote three decades earlier about his repudiation of the political idealism he had become famous for.

Two things I looked for in this performance:

    1. How the performers would handle the surrealistic and at times barely intelligible lyrics to the song. It turned out that many of the singers had to read the lines on the monitors in front of them, even though they had only one verse each to remember!

    2. How well these highly accomplished stars would collaborate. In the end they fully complemented each other, with no “upstaging.” But this was more than a reflection of their maturity and their mutual respect for Dylan. I realized that all seven of these celebrities were likely INTROVERTS. What are the odds of that? (More on that later.)