WOTE will rule the world

Just when I needed my Walk Off The Earth fix, the band obliged by releasing a new video in the last 24 hours.

WOTE is clearly going after a tougher, edgier look and sound here. And this video has more of a big production feel than many of the DIY clips they're famous for. So the fan reaction has been a tad mixed. But for me there are enough creative touches here to save the day. Besides, they've set the bar so high they can't hit it every time. They set records for viral success with their first video smash "Somebody That I Used To Know". Even lesser known clips like "Payphone" are case studies in innovative home-made videos.

But what comes through the loudest here is their chutzpah, hubris, and even insolence. Walk Off The Earth, epitomized by Sarah Blackwood, is not lacking in 'tude and swagger. These are required for success in rock—and especially for women in rock.

Just as true in mainstream business, and of course the Innovation Economy. Google and Apple expect their teams to dream on a scale that most of their competitors wouldn't, well, dream of. If your goals are modest, your results will be appropriately scaled.

Yet here's the rub. It's borderline delusional to think your product is going to change the world. But good luck getting anyone to believe in it—let alone invest in it—if you don't have that delusion. A large dollop of arrogance (not toward customers but toward naysayers) is compulsory these days.

With Walk Off The Earth I first noticed this not in their music but in the language of Blackwood when I interviewed her years ago (click here to read). An example:

We have plans for more world domination in more categories than just Walk Off The Earth. Our independence is what made us, so we will never let that go. We will also never stop encouraging that kind of path for people. We'll probably own Columbia Records one day. Just wait and see. Haha.

Translation: We’re going to rule the world.

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  1. I love the video. Not so sure about the song.

    They, however, aren't interested in what I think unless I'm in their core fan group. This kind of change polarizes, and it prunes out the fringers who won't push the band over the top.

    Better to have 1,000 raving fans than 100,000 meh. (Because, I believe, the ravings will lead to more ravings, but the mehs will slowly, grindingly, lead to continued meh.)

  2. For women chutzpah is required for success not just in rock but in leadership positions in most businesses. The situation may finally be improving but at an agonizingly slow pace -- as the Pao sexual discrimination lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins shows.

    1. Too true. And it's ironic that it's in the Innovation Economy where women are having the most trouble advancing. The hi-tech community—especially Silicon Valley—is coming under increased fire for its systemic ill treatment of women leaders. A lot of companies (including Apple and Microsoft) have made BIG promises about changing that. (See my earlier post.) Stay tuned.

      The gaming community, of course, is the worst. (For anyone who doesn't know about this, just google "Gamergate.") Boys/men with the emotional intelligence of fungi have been terrorizing women who dare to criticize the sexist culture that's rampant there. Gotta do a post on it sometime.

      No disrespect meant to fungi, by the way.

      1. Fungi the world over rise up in protest at your insult, sir.

        The despicable treatment of others based on gender baffles me. While I can certainly tell the difference between men and women (in most cases) I'm simply incapable of judging folks because they are one or the other.

        If you were to write down a list of male/female stereotypes, I fall squarely on the female side, and Best Beloved falls squarely on the male side. I am always amused and offended (amended? offused?) when male fungi speak to me like I'm "one of the boys" and make egregious assumptions.

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