ANOTHER post on Walk Off The Earth ?

Ok, call me a toady, a sycophant, a brown nose, a lickspittle, a groupie. But I LOVE this band. What The Beatles brought to rock & roll, Walk Off The Earth has brought to rock video.

They’re innovative, playful, brash, tech-savvy, and indie to the core. (Despite their deal with Sony, they call their own shots.) This is best exemplified here and here.

Their new vid is a cover of my favorite song in the world (this week), “Rude”—a tune originally recorded by the band, MAGIC!

Ok, what's NOT to like about this? Even if the video had been a bust, the TRACK is so superbly recorded and performed it wouldn't matter—with Sarah Blackwood’s effortlessly perfect lead vocal, the precisely executed three-part harmonies, the intricately inventive guitar and percussion work, not to mention Mike Taylor’s flawless melodica break. But the video has its own innovative charm, with its bulked-up guitar, water-logged melodica, leg bells, and more. Of course the performance is lip-synched, but all the more credit to them for making it all look so easy. Each WOTE video is now a clinic they're putting on in record and video production, masterminded by their singer/guitarist/producer Gianni Luminati.

WOTE just needs a blockbuster hit of their own to be stratospherically successful. This fan-boy will be rooting for them.

And what’s the business lesson? This time, you tell me.

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  1. Some bands don't need "their own" songs. Three Dog Night never wrote a single thing and had a boatload of massive hits. They were performers, not writers, and they knew it.

    And there's a lesson in that, too.

    1. Well, I do love the indie-pop of A Great Big World, the soul-pop of Lake Street Dive, the synth-pop of Owl City, and the retro-rock of The Strypes. But none of them are as crazy as WOTE.

    1. Yeah, their joyful creativity is what mainstream teams and orgs everywhere could learn from this bunch. "Serious Play" is the mantra of the Innovation Economy.

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