A selfie interview


It's time for me to conduct another interview with myself, given the questions that blog readers are asking about my book and other matters.

Why a selfie? Because no one knows better than I the most hard-hitting questions to ask me. (Familiarity with the interviewee is critically important for an interviewer, especially in getting around carefully constructed defenses.)

Q. What’s the latest with your book, Business Lessons From Rock? Is it finally finished?
A. It was 98% finished a year ago, but I’ve been making revisions for my agent. Given the 24-month turnaround time that book agents promise these days, I’m confident the book will be published before the next Great Flood.

Q. Well, that flood may come sooner than expected if business and government leaders don’t take action on climate destabilization, yes?
A. Not really. US congressmen, who always respect the latest science, are now rounding up some goats to sacrifice to secure divine intervention. That should work.

Q. Are you intimidated by the number of business books that are continually being released? Some say that 100 business books are released every DAY, including self-published ones!
A. No problem. I have a plan to significantly reduce those odds.

Q: How’s that?
A: Release a book every day.

Q. But isn’t that impossible?
A. Not if it’s the same book. I’m sure I’ll find a publisher who loves the idea.

Q. In writing about rock bands, are you sensitive to the fact that you’re glorifying some people who may abuse drugs?
A. Really? I’ll have to research that.

Q. Seriously, some of them have substance problems, right?
A. As opposed to whom? Our political leaders? US Congressmen and Canadian mayors? Or maybe I should write about celebrity athletes instead?

Q. Ok, ok, I get your point. Switching subjects, we know you’re a management consultant, but can you explain what you do? Do you offer clients solutions to their pressing business problems?
A. One of my idols, Richard Nixon, once said, “Solutions are not the answer.” I think he was giving us a Zen koan. (Or maybe he was just hammered.) But after meditating on that paradox, I decided to stop providing solutions to my clients. I now help them discover their own answers.

Q. What do you call this kind of consulting?
A. Adult Alternative. Too many other consultants are doing Easy Listening.

Q. But in a recent post didn’t you imply we need to act less like adults at work?
A. That’s the "alternative" part. As an adult, you want to rediscover that creativity, that sense of play, that exuberance, that attitude that you may have lost growing up or adapting to the corporate world. I help clients do that. I help them shake, rattle, and roll.

Q. Given the economic woes we’re still dealing with in society, have you consulted to financial institutions?
A. I've consulted to many kinds of institutions, including high-tech, manufacturing, mining, logistics, defense, government, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and, yes, financial services—including accounting, insurance, and banking. But I think we beat up on the financial industry WAY too much. For instance, I think every big investment bank is a special snowflake that needs to be nurtured and encouraged. Self-esteem is SO important.

Q. I guess that helps separate you from the pack?
A. Well, that’s not a phrase I prefer to use. I was raised by wolves you know.

Q. Oh, I'm sorry, I had forgotten. But aside from the occasional howl, you keep it well hidden.
A. Well, some of the old habits are tough to shake. Hey, are you going to finish that sandwich?

Q. It's yours. Is there anything else you’d like to say to your blog readers?
A. Don’t trust everything you read on the internet.

For an earlier interview I did with myself check here.

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  1. nice to see a nixon reference in a business blog. one of my favorite quotes of his: "if you can't lie you'll never go anywhere." and "i'm not for women in any job. i don't want any of them around." 21st century leaders don't say this anymore...but they think it.

    is that pic a selfie too? :)

    1. Yes, those are the sentiments of a few Eoraptors I’ve met in business.

      The best Tricky Dick quote is: "Goddamn it, get in and get those files. Blow the safe and get them…Break in and take it out.” This is an actual quote, a year before Watergate, about burglarizing the Brookings Institute. (Hey, everybody did it, right?) But the dude opened up China (he didn’t have to break in to do it) and he reluctantly created the EPA. But don’t forget that this closet Commie imposed wage and price controls on the US economy. An interesting fella. The pic has nothing to do with me (or the subject of Tricky Dick).

  2. I wonder why I've never done this?

    Boy, wouldn't it be cool if your book really did come out before the next Ice Age?

    Can I sit in some time when you're teaching suits to shake, rattle, and roll? I'd love to see it in action.

    1. The next Ice Age?? I'm way more optimistic. The Great Flood will occur millennia before THAT.

      Sure, you can "sit in," if you're also willing to SR&R.

        1. I'm thinking about the upcoming flood. Post 2100—which nobody talks about—might get interesting if the rate of sea level rise increases. "Rocky Mountain High" will be #1 again.

  3. Nixon famously announced, "I am not a cook" and thus opened the door for thousands of charlatan celebrity chefs. Not even opening up China can forgive that.

    1. Excellent question! I prefer to interview myself live (or by Skype) because I can better read the body language as an interviewer. But as the interviewee I prefer email, so I can think through the questions before I answer. In this case we did it by email because we couldn't synch up our two busy schedules.

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