A goal post

Watching a "behind the scenes" clip of Walk Off The Earth crafting a new music video, I was delighted to hear producer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Gianni Luminati talk about the band’s goals.

It brought up a question that has been debated for (at least) a few millennia: IS IT BEST TO SET GOALS THAT ARE REALISTIC?

Entire forests have been laid waste to print the thousands of books on goal-setting that tell you to create attainable, achievable, S.M.A.R.T. goals, etc. (We'll leave aside the books telling you that goals are harmful; just try running your business without any.) But let's have this post settle the question once and for all and save further trees. (NB: eBooks will not be making print books obsolete anytime soon. You read it here first.)

So if you’re a team of top performers—whether it’s a software development team, an executive committee, a sales team, or a rock band—do you really want to be setting realistic goals? NO, NEIN, NON, NYET, BU! Of course you don’t want to set goals that are pure fantasy, but it’s important to set them way beyond what’s predictable. (As motivational author Paul Arden says, “Most people are reasonable; that’s why they only do reasonably well.”)

In the spirit of that, Luminati points out in the vid below (at the 3:35 mark): “Sometimes we like to make our goals just out of reach. You may not get it, but it’s the only way to really push yourself to the point where something really cool can happen.” Nicely put.