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Ok, it’s that time when I give myself permission to wander off topic…

Happy to hear that our new Papal Father is a Jesuit. (They educated me at Boston College High School, so you can blame them for anything you don’t like about this blog.) Unfortunately Pope Frank doesn’t have serious cred as a reformer (a topic for a separate post on the problems of patriarchy and autocracy in our organizations). But at BLFR we like to accent the positive: unlike his predecessor this pontiff has never bashed rock & roll as “the devil’s music”—which is the minimal standard we hold church leaders to at BLFR.

The Marissa Mayer furor (did the new Yahoo CEO sell out working mothers by demanding her employees work from home?) continues. This from a piece in The Boston Globe Magazine: “Mayer didn’t succeed by changing the rules of corporate America as she climbed the career ladder. She did it by winning at the old rules, by outsmarting and outworking everyone else in the office.” In fact, as a Google exec she may have set the company record for pulling the most all-nighters. Bottom line: she’s the last person corporate moms should be looking to for work-life balance.

I’m still hurt that I wasn’t asked to be a speaker at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) convention. After all, I’m very traditional in the things that matter. I still hand-write my notes, send paper birthday cards, avoid eBooks, and—most importantly—prefer classic rock. How could I be more conservative?

My European and Asian readers occasionally complain about the US-centric view of this blog. So in a shameless ploy to boost international readership, BLFR will be switching to a metric calendar beginning on April 1. This is a first for an American blog.

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  1. Please send all your readers a copy of the metric calendar so we'll know which days to avoid coming here.

    I cannot properly describe the combination wince/snort at the phrase "Pope Frank." I think you need to meet my friend Tom Bentley, who occasionally features a toy nun in his writing videos.

  2. I'm strangely optimistic about Pope Frank. The Cardinal Law thing, the emphasis on helping the poor, his tough stance on re-hiring all the bums in the Curia. This should be quite an interesting Papal See-Saw.

  3. Hope springs eternal — especially on March 20 — that the Holy Father's views will evolve. But I'm quite disoriented by your out-of-character optimism, Ken.

  4. I would like to know how many people reading this blog actually have a traditional job with a W-2 paycheck. I'm going to be it's fewer than half. Good news is we have more time to write comments. Bad news is the economy is a purely theoretical construct to us now (oh, and we don't have any retirement fund anymore).

  5. Anon: interesting stuff, and a good piece. I like Yahoo's official statement: “This isn’t a broad industry view on working from home. This is about what is right for Yahoo! right now.”

    David: good point. I drew a W-2 for a few years in the 80s and that was it. Speaking of where the economy is going check out this article in NY Times last month, "A World Without Work."

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