Dennis Rodman for US President!

Ok, it got your attention at least. But Rodman—the former NBA star (aka “the Worm”)—could win the 6th Man Award in US diplomacy if he could get his North Korean buddy Kim Jong-un to chill out on his war threats against South Korea and the US.

After his recent tour of Pyongyang, Rodman declared the 28-year-old basketball-loving Supreme Leader his new BFF. So if diplomatic relations disintegrate further between North Korea and the US, who better to intermediate the conflict than the Worm?

If you weren't paying attention, North Korea—the most repressive and gulag-ridden state in the world—just this week declared void the Korean War armistice of 1953, implying that the war has never ended. (I hate it when that happens.) The new South Korean President, Park Guen-hye, calmly responded that if attacked she would reduce Pyongyang to a plate of gimchi. (Well, her exact words were the North Korean government would be “evaporated off the face of the earth.”) Why aren’t world leaders taking the prospect of war more seriously? Apparently the South Korean military leaders didn’t even interrupt their weekend golfing to prepare themselves for total destruction, so maybe they know something.