Rock the quote—part two

I’ve gathered more rock quotations—with obvious business applications—to start off the new year!

I think the master-slave relationship of the music industry is now gone…Young people today aren't dependent on Big Brother, the man upstairs, or the guy at the top of the corporation. — Ken Mansfield (Grammy Award-winning producer and former record company executive)

The master-slave relationship in business is at least on the decline. If you don’t believe it, wait until the economy turns around and the Millennials begin calling the shots. Workforce democracy, though still in its infancy, is a force as unalterable as political democracy.

The Kiss brand continues to elude and mystify people…Pundits keep thinking what we do is just music. — Gene Simmons

KISS, with their emphasis on theatrical costumes, props, and pyrotechnics, has a unique brand identity—which stands out from every other rock band in the world. (Their music has been secondary, which bothers some of us purists, but it hasn’t hurt their bottom line.) In the words of biz guru Tom Peters, “Be distinct or be extinct.”

Anything that’s successful is a series of mistakes. — Billie Joe Armstrong

Green Day’s lead singer understands that success—in business or anywhere—requires taking risks and screwing up. You have to be willing to fail early and often. And sometimes even spectacularly.

My model for business is The Beatles…The total was greater than the sum of the parts. Great things in business are not done by one person, they are done by a team of people. — Steve Jobs

Jobs knew—despite his reputation as an autocrat—that teams, not superstar heroes acting alone, are what develop great products and services, especially through creative conflict.

Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. – Mick Jagger & Keith Richards

Self-explanatory. Individuals, teams, organizations, institutions, societies need to have a future that inspires and moves them. What’s yours?

Happy New Year.

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  1. Anon: more companies are giving employees enormous latitude in decision-making, such as W.L. Gore, where employees choose which teams to work with and Brazil's Semco, where employees hire, review, and fire management. Other businesses are utilizing elements of workforce democracy — e.g. sharing financial data with employees (open book management), which Whole Foods does. Then there are many high tech companies (probably hundreds) that deliberately foster a free-spirited culture in which employees spend a portion of their time working on projects of their own choosing.

  2. hard to imagine jobs actually saying that -- tho he was a beatles fan. I always thought of him as a my way or the highway kind of leader.

  3. Steve Jobs was certainly an intimidating force if he didn't like your proposal, but he built a company around the survival of the fittest IDEAS, which were tested in the crucible of contentious team meetings. Exploiting conflict became a key part of the Apple culture, but in a TEAM environment.

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