The grunge that stole Christmas

One of the disadvantages of having the End of the World scheduled in the holiday season is waking up on 12/21/12, realizing you’ve been conned, and having only three days to do all your holiday shopping. (Not to mention begging friends to give back all your possessions.)

But I’m quickly getting into the spirit of things and celebrating the season the way most people do, listening to grunge versions of favorite Yuletide carols. I don’t mean the death metal renditions, which are intended for satire (I hope). I’m talking about the real thing: rocked-out Christmas songs that sound raunchy but reverent, distorted but devout. This could turn into a new rock genre (Xmas Grunge?)—and not a moment too soon for a beleaguered record industry.

Alternative bands such as Weezer have done full-volume blasts of traditional holiday hymns (like “Noel” and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"). But many modern Christian rock bands—with cool names I hadn’t heard before, like Kutless, Seventh Day Slumber, and Newsboys—do a more convincing job on songs like “O Holy Night,” “Away in a Manger,” and “Jingle Bell Rock” respectively.

It's enough to make Santa a head-banger.

And then there’s “Little Drummer Boy” (video above)—a bare-bones, angst-laden, percussion-driven track by The Almost,

With that said, the entire staff of Business Lessons From Rock wishes you peace this holiday season—or (as my American friends prefer) total victory!

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  1. Seven on my staff. I had some turnover problems for a while so I brought in two temps. The rest are perennials.

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