Cloud illusions

With Google Drive having now officially entered the  competition for  melee which is online storage services for personal documents, photos and other stuff, this is clearly an excellent opportunity for an entirely self-serving reprise of an earlier piece in which I consider the benefits/risks of using third-party networks of computer servers for hosting and sharing your files.

Joni Mitchell, an acknowledged cloud expert, expressed ambivalence on the subject in her song "Both Sides Now."

Of course Joni couldn't go into detail in a three-and-a-half minute song, but she recognized that using the cloud requires a continuous Internet connection, entails some loss of control, and runs the risk of proprietary data being stolen or lost. (She rationalized this with her famous line: "Something's lost but something's gained in living every day.")

Read "Cloud illusions: Joni Mitchell weighs-in on Web backups"

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    1. Thanks, David. More evidence that blfr commentators are among the most passionate readers in the blogosphere.

      I'm more ambivalent than you about this, but I'll probably start using the cloud as a secondary backup (after my portable Seagate), especially when it's free. I trust the Web more than I did when I first heard Joni's prescient warnings.

  1. You're clearly off your rocker but BSN is still a great song. I enjoyed Joni's video on your original post. I suppose I should now check out her other songs for IT tips?

  2. People are always asking me how I learned the practice of lyrical exegesis. It’s a gift really. I’m just a passive receptor to the etheric vibrations. I am able to intuit the deeper meaning of songs that even escaped the conscious awareness of the composers themselves. (What do they know anyway?) It also helps to be using the best drugs.

    As for further tips from JM, listen to her 1969 song, “For Free.” She’s obviously envisioning the freemium-based business model of the internet (in which a digital offering is provided free while a subsequent version with enhanced functionality is offered at a premium cost) which she clearly favors, for moral AND economic reasons. Why is this woman NOT getting her props as a cyber-seer??

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