Cloud illusions

With Google Drive having now officially entered the  competition for  melee which is online storage services for personal documents, photos and other stuff, this is clearly an excellent opportunity for an entirely self-serving reprise of an earlier piece in which I consider the benefits/risks of using third-party networks of computer servers for hosting and sharing your files.

Joni Mitchell, an acknowledged cloud expert, expressed ambivalence on the subject in her song "Both Sides Now."


What makes a music act great?

I recently guest posted at Joel Canfield's by-product-of-a-lifetime-of-musical-ingestion "Know Your".

For completeness-and-neatness, that piece should of course also be here.

Here's JC's intro and Facebook mention:

This O'Leary chap is a character.

A rebel in his own mind, he continues to swim upstream toward the book he claims he's writing about business lessons from rock.

Whether you just love music or want to spruce up your entrepreneurial menage, I urge you to read John's blog and buy his book, should he ever get around to finishing it.

Here's one of his insightful, inevitable-but-not-obvious business lessons from rock…

And now a lightly edited variant of the post…