Who's on first...

In "Who's on first," another excerpt from my forthcoming book, I attempt to describe who I think is the most exciting band in the world.

When my literary coach, Holly Whiteside, was first badgering me to write my book, she used to pepper me with questions to jump-start the process. I had just finished reading a book on The Who, the British rock band, when she called me up with another question.

HW: Who is the one band that most epitomizes the quality of passion?
JO: Absolutely.

HW: Who?
JO: Yes.

HW. What are you saying “Yes” to? I’m asking, “Who?”
JO: And I’m answering, “Yes! Y-E-S! What part of ‘Yes’ don’t you understand?”


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  1. Les Beatles were the most innovative of the commercially successful bands, but Les Who were the most exuberant. In their prime they were TERRIFYING in person, especially up close. When I saw them live in LA in their Tommy tour I was afraid Townshend & Moon would come after me after destroying everything on stage.

    There's a business lesson there...somewhere.

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