The power of coaching.

Few would argue that TALENT is a critical determinant of team and organizational success. But just as important is having the resources to continually develop that talent, as anyone in human resources can tell you.

Yet these resources—coaches, mentors, etc.—are sometimes overlooked in business, especially in small organizations.

But rock bands get it. Nowadays many groups use performance coaches, vocal trainers, instrumental instructors (e.g. guitar or piano teachers) to develop talent, which mainstream business should take note of.

The video clip below shows one of the most brilliant—if unorthodox—musical teachers I know, who has personally helped bring out the best in my singing and playing. Here he demonstrates one of his famous vocal warm-up techniques, which I’ve been using for years to clear out nasal cavities.

My vocal coach

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  1. I AM on television, but nobody watches it anymore.

    Meanwhile there's a full moon out tonight, which always means—for some odd reason—that my vocal coach is unavailable.

  2. Hey John!!

    Some have it, and some don't!! And some may need some unconventional coaching from time to time, he, he!!


  3. I'll assume these cryptic comments are completely complimentary.

    I should add that my coach and I "swap" for services. He works with me on vocal scales and sometimes on keyboard technique and harmonic voicings. (He obviously favors dissonant chords.) I mostly help him with anger management. When I don’t live up to his high expectations he growls at me — a problem I've observed with business coaches as well.

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