I've added another excerpt from the book. A continuation of 'Beginnings', 'Why' further outlines the origin of the book.

Another epiphanic moment occurred for me a few years later, as an organizational consultant helping to form a "worker council" in a copper mine in northern Canada.

The objective was to have hourly employees and frontline supervisors on this new team—to let those who were actually doing the work take the lead in shaping the policies and practices of the operation. (A radical notion at the time.)

Many of these equipment operators and tradesmen were natural leaders—dynamic, determined, and street-smart. They often regaled me with stories of their weekend exploits… hunting in the wilds, playing hockey or softball in high-stakes tournaments.

Yet when it came time to volunteer for positions on the new council, there were few takers. Some thought it was all a placating gesture by management, so they refused to play. But many had believed in it and had lobbied for it, yet still wouldn't volunteer.


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  1. John,
    I think the reason people can't be alive at work is similar to the reasons the Beach Boys weren't as inspired when dad was in control. There's always someone who wants to be in control whether or not they understand the potential of those they are working with

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