Move over, Donald.

Well, this was a shocker. I've checked out some imposing business blogs in recent months, hosted by name authors (including 'The Donald' himself), many of them receiving thousands—or tens of thousands—of views a day. And deservedly so.

I got my blogging start by participating in one of the best: Tom Peters' forum for business iconoclasts.

Meanwhile I've been jotting down some thoughts here every month on a variety of subjects, sometimes related to what organizations can learn from rock & roll bands.

So imagine my incredulity when I recently heard that HR World chose this site as one of their 'Top 100 management & leadership blogs.'

This means:

  • There are at least 100 blogs related to management and leadership out there (but I suppose I could have figured that one out).
  • More than my relatives—and a few rock & roll zealots—are reading this
  • HR World has emerged as a discerning arbiter of blogging talent.
  • I better start taking this thing seriously.

Move over, Donald. There's a new kid in town. (And he has hair.)

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  1. Too late. I've already decided to sell autographed copies of these posts. You can make me an offer for this one. :-)

  2. I'm don't think Trump qualifies as a suitable model for your purposes. But there are some major blogging dudes on that list.

  3. before you get carried away, consider that there may be exactly one hundred management and leadership blogs.

  4. To tell you the truth, Jo Jo, that was my FIRST thought when this blog was chosen. But I’m sure there’s more than 100 management & leadership blogs — at least 110 or 115.

  5. And let me recommend a blog that covers a wide array of topics - Judith’s blog ( I hang out there when I want to rant about politics (or the politics of religion). She lets me huff and puff and then serenely puts me in my place. :-)

  6. Thank you, John, for the recommendation. Trust me your rants, which never quite seem like such with your skill as writer, are great and leave me with much to consider. Your hard words are easy. While you purport to do the huffing and puffing, let me say that I am assured that no amount of huffing and puffing from any others will blow your house down.

    You are a solid diverse thinker and wonderful writer. I so value your words and thoughtful comments, including your recent brilliant comment in defense of Tom Peters on the Excellence Always post at Not that Tom Peters needs defending but it's always nice when others come to the assistance of another. You did so brilliantly. I'm awaiting your book.

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