There's a book about this stuff?

Yup. 80,000 words so far.

A business book?

My focus is on business lessons we can learn from rock & roll bands. The book identifies six ways in which the great bands are exceptional business teams:

  • They're radical innovators.
  • They're passionate and inspired about their work—and they have fun.
  • They manage differences and capitalize on conflict.
  • They have a distinct personality, identity, and brand.
  • They're ambitious, focused, and result-driven, despite stereotypes to the contrary.
  • They're self-determined and independent-minded.

Then I show how to instill—or liberate—these abilities in our organizational teams.

And I argue that without an infusion of these qualities many of our beleaguered organizations and institutions, ill-equipped to compete in a disruptive global economy, are headed for obsolescence or irrelevance!

To keep it interesting I illustrate my points with stories and anecdotes from boardrooms, bars, and recording studios. It will be a business book you can dance to.